chic and classic

Chic and classic – luxury fine arts, jewelry design

chic and classic – luxury fine arts, fashion jewelry design

because in fashion art is everything

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A beautiful art work is starting with an ideea and you developed it with passion and energetic inspiration. This is jewelry artwork design. Each piece is one of a kind, because otherwise is losing the originality.

Adelina Mărieş

Beaded jewelry, gemstones incorporated

chic art design

shell necklace design

big bracelet design

bead embroidery hand cuff bracelet

great crystal shells, pink quartz, glass cristal

bracelets design

copper bracelets

beautiful beading work made with copper seed beads

Cool jewelry

Necklace song

I’m here, close to you
No one can see me hugging you
Come closer to me, closer to me
Feel my touch, feel my life
Because passion is free