Pearls and Peter Pan Collar

A very chic interpretation about what is called Peter Pan Collar

I`s suit very well a jacket or a white shirt like this or a nice top

Available only by order and you can choose: Swarovski pearls, mallorca pearls, natural pearls or simple glass pearls

It can be customize with any kind of hand embroidery

Colier tip guler “Peter Pan” intro interpretare foarte  chic. Imbraca foarte bine o jacketa din piele, ultrasued sau o camasa alba, o rochie sau un top.

De asemenea exista si varianta cu broderie manuala

Disponbil numai pe baza de comanda si puteti alege: perle naturale, perle Swarovski, perle Mallorca sau perle simple din sticla



6 responses to “Pearls and Peter Pan Collar

  1. Adeline,
    I’m a lover of chic collars myself! Would you mind my sharing these with our friends at Captivating Beauty blog?!


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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, your work and skill in creating your jewelry is outstanding and reminds me of some wonderful work that was on sale at Christie’s the auctioneers a few months ago. You have an outstanding for creating beauty.


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