Swarovski elegant necklace

swarovski elegant necklace made with swarovski elements, original necklace design, chic and classic

Swarovky elements into a classic ellegance

Swarovski elements and crystals used in a chic and classic necklace design. Relaxing light blue, seed beads glas, chain.

This is an original design, made by me, Adelina, using Swarovski elements, big golden shadow bead, Swarovski shell pendant, vitral medium beads, and golden beads with white crystals on it and simple blue and golden 2 mm seed beads.

Necklace reflect a chic and classic jewelry design style. It is made to give a nice glow to any classic outfit.

Perfect and relaxing color combination. This beaded necklace design reflect so much warm and welcome personality in many fashion styling.

swarovsky elegant necklace design

Swarovski seed beads necklace design

Simplicity in fashion is always welcome to embrace any outfit. That’s why it is so much appreciated.

Beautiful light showing through glass crystals.

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57 replies on “Swarovski elegant necklace”

Wow those are gorgeous! I just love anything crystal! Especially Swarovski! So happy you found my blog so that I could find yours! Wish you a happy new year and i’ll be back if I need a necklace!


Nice bijoux you have here. Reminds me of the old days when I was working such stuff – as an employee. I would love to see all your work. I’m interested in buying some for my wife. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Hi, nice to meet you here. Maybe you will see a lot of my works when you will return in Romania, or maybe when I will go at some exhibitions… If you like something for your whife just e-mail me with the link of what you like and we will find a way to have something nice handmade in Maramureş – Romania 🙂


Hi, I do really love these pieces you have on your blog. I just started a new youtube channel where ill be featuring video from my fashion and lifestyle shoots. Please come and subscribe. Thanks for your visit.


Dear Adeline, thank you for liking my blog. Without your like I would have never discovered your beautiful creations! I will drop you an email to get your price-list. My Sunday is more beautiful because of you, thanks for that!


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