Swarovski stars necklace

This is an elegant and voguish necklace made with Swarovski green and golden shadow 4 mm bicons and Swarovski stars. It can suits well an oscar night dress or an night out look

You decide how t wear it !

Price at request, ready to delivery

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Acesta este un colier foarte şic si elegant realizat din cristale biconice Swarovski in nuanta verde si golden shadow 4mm si elemente Swarovsi sub forma de stea.

Acest tip de colier asorteaza ideal o rochie de noaptea oscarurilor ori o seara in oras!

Pret la cerere, disponibil pentru livrare imediata

Tu decizi cum sa il poti

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colier stlute AB Swarovski_1colier stelute Swarovski ABdetaliu colier stelute Swarovskidetaliu stelute AB si cristale bicon Swarovskidetaliu lant colier Swarovski

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