Private collection necklace

I made this necklaces and earrings for a special order.  The design idea comes from nowhere and this is the beauty of jewelry design. Enjoy of the pictures


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Clasic necklace and earings Clasic necklace clasic earings private clollection necklace

39 responses to “Private collection necklace

  1. Pradeepgour are dreptate, chiar aduc a ceva oriental! Bravo, trebuie sa ai un talent extraordinar sa poti confectiona asa ceva, si imaginatie pe deasupra!


  2. Hi Adeline, these are very beautiful and intricate! Thanks for liking my post! I am excited to find your blog!


  3. Nice jewelery, my big sister does a lot of work, although not as nice as this. You could try to find some beads from far flung places like China, i send a load to her, silver and ceramic etc


  4. Wow! 🙂 Your work is fantastic, I think it’s opulent but in no way to flashy or showy. I once tried to craft something from rocailles, but all I got was a fat mouse 😀


  5. Spero che sarà felice che vi ho nominati per il premio Bella Blogger. Le regole che vengono con il premio sono:
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    2. Collegare indietro la persona che ti ha nominato.
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    Le ragioni per cui la nomina dei sette blog sono elencati nel mio post. Non lasciate che il titolo che si preoccupa perché il post è per il premio e il mio pensiero sull’etica.


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