jewelry design

Opera necklace

Romantic necklace for an elegant opera evening dress.
This necklace is designed to be that piece of charm for a personal touch.
Is simple but elegant. I have mixted hand embroidery with pearls, cristals and natural shells

Enjoy of pictures

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opera necklace elegant necklace sic si casic design

And a gift for beautiful music lovers. A vals compose by Eugen Doga, a romanian – moldavian music composer.  This vals -is called  “My Sweet and Tender Beast.” Vals played by Romanian Philharmonic orchestra, conducted by Joseph Lyon Pruner. 2008

Much more about Eugen Doga you can find on youtube and and searching through internet. Just click on the links 🙂

65 replies on “Opera necklace”

I rarely dress up, but when I do I’ll be thinking of the romance of this piece. I like pearls, but opals are also a favorite. I have crystals hanging in my windows to catch the sun and make rainbows on my walls!


Thank you for your comment. The part with thinking at this necklace I take it like a nice compliment from you. Yes indeed the crystals make this rainbow effect. I also like so much opals, especially the fire opals and noble opals


Very nice comparing, Yasin. Baroque and rococo is a beautiful period in architecture and interior design. I also love palaces from that period. Thank you for your comment 🙂


This necklace is absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if you would class it as Victorian, but that is what it reminds me of. I love everything about it. You are very talented!


Adeline, Thank you for your response to my article this morning. Your work is absolutely amazing!! (interestingly enough, I was watching the Romanian Final for Eurovision when I saw your response come in.) Cheers!!


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