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Floarea tinereţii – Flower of life

Here in Romania, when a person is young and full of life and energy, we say that he or she is in the “flower of life”.

This rose, is a brooch, a very hight quality of handmade work. In fashion, nothing can be com pared with a piece of handmade work. Actualy when you are wearing something made by hand, you are wearing a piece from whom made it. Is curious how objects can be empowered with energy. This is the reason that fine arts are called luxury.

Enjoy of pictures

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flower of life

62 replies on “Floarea tinereţii – Flower of life”

As an Italian we have the same saying. I love brooches and I would love having this one in my collection. Gorgeous!!!!


You have captured the rose beautifully. I had a relative once who believed that any time she received the picture of a rose on a card believed that one of her prayers had been answered. Any one who is lucky enough to wear your brooch has indeed had their prayers answered.


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