jewelry design

Couture necklace


Eye catching details, handmade work, exclusiveness piece in terms of being like no other.

That kind of fashion that is for pleasure not for utility

This piece is not for sale is just for my own pleasure
Enjoy of pictures

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Sic si Classic Adelina Maries design Couture necklace

82 replies on “Couture necklace”

This is another incredible piece. I wonder what it is that inspires you, you have few rivals in the creativity department. Take care.


Thank you Wild for your comment. I can say that I have just only one source of inspiration. The materials with I am working. Well if I have rivals this is good, I love competition. I will be dissapointed if you will tell me that I dont have 🙂


From Africa to Russia and from America to Japan, the world is full of competition. I like that. In Romania I don`t have modern competition only traditional ones. Here on traditional costumes is full of hand embroidery. If you have chance to got one you are really lucky


This is obviously a very special piece of art.
It is for sure created by an even more special being.
I love it, also because 9 is my lucky number.
I also appreciate the piece as it has blue, the colour of Truth, as it’s major colour.
You have good reason to be both proud and honoured.
– –


You could place memories in the large areas, so that when you did pass it on you could also pass those stories, memories of love along with it. Perhaps you already have? 🙂
Just thinking with my poetic heart.


Adeline ,sincer ador ce faci tu,candva m-am ocupat si eu ,dar niciodata nu am reusit ceea ce vad la tine si nu as reusi vreodata ,nu am rabdare si nici nu sunt creativa ,doar asa cat pentru mine ma mai descurc 😀 …adevarul este ca sunt minunate,cand le-am vazut,eu ma gandeam deja cum mi-ar sta cu ele 😀 ,doamne ajuta,ma bucur mult si laud sincer si manutele tale cu care le faci 🙂 ,pup si iti doresc din inima seara frumoasa scumpa mea !!!


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