Dragobete, the romanian celebration of love

Dragobete, is an ancient celebration of love (from thracians and dacians times, that are the ancestors of romanian people). Is something similar to Valentine`s Day but is oldest than this and here in Romania we have specific customs for this celebration. In this day of 24th February the young people make promises of love and in some cases it becomes something similar to an engagement.

Dragobete – The day is particularly known as “the day when the birds are betrothed”. It is around this time that the birds begin to build their nests and mate
For this special occasion I choose to show you a bride necklace from my chic collection. Like usual is a full hight quality of handmade work with original design made by myself.

I wish you a full year of love! / Va doresc un an plin de iubire!
Multumesc that means Thank You!

Enjoy of pictures!

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43 responses to “Dragobete, the romanian celebration of love

  1. This is really lovely. I didn’t know about Dragobete before, but I do know a little about the Dacians and Thracians. It’s too bad their languages went extinct, except for a few words.

    I always look forward to your latest piece.
    Have a great Dragobete.


    • Multumesc for your kind attention 🙂 and your interest about dacians is surprise me :). About language is hard to determine, now here in Romania we make some archaeological studies about this and other issues. But when the romans come to Dacia for gold and technologies Traian, the roman emperor said “I come back on the land of my ancestors”


      • Trajan is of Iberian origin. However, I’ve always thought of Dacians resembling the Celts, thus Trajan’s connection might not be that strange.


  2. That is really beautiful… I’ll have to ask my daughter if something like that would go with the neckline of her wedding gown…. (She is having the neckline altered once it actually arrives) But your work is most beautiful 😀


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  4. This is so beautiful and delicate, wow! I immediately wanted to know where I can get such a piece in a more simple form though (since I am a re-enactor I am always interested to find such handmade things to go with my ‘impersonation’).


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