the heritage of luxury and fine arts in my family

Are many ways to describe luxury, and some of them are right.
If luxury is the equivalent of beeing like no other, so I am a luxury person
When I was a little girl, I have the luck to be like no other. My grandmother use to make me beautiful embroidery dresses, skirts and blouses, after that when I`v started to grow up my mom use to make for me beautiful dresses all made by hand. My mom was addicted to idea of being like no other and things made only by hand can satisfy this luxury feeling. My mom use to wearing beautiful handmade embroidery blouses, skirts and dresses and all made by her hand in a hight quality of craftmanship.
For this reason I belive that luxury is the domain of culture and elegance taste and high quality of crafmanship allways belongs to luxury
Yes I love luxury, just becouse it is a part of me

Luxul si eleganta – mostenire de familie

Sunt multe modalitati de a descrie luxul si unele dintre ele sunt corecte.

Daca luxul este echivalent cu sentimentul de a fi ca nimeni altul, in acest caz sunt o persoana luxoasa

Cand am fost micuta, am avut acest noroc de a fi ca nimeni alta, datorata rochiilor, fustitelor bluzelor frumos brodate, croite si cusute de catre bunica mea, care era o maestra a originalitatii. Mai tarziu dupa ce am inceput sa cresc mama, a fost cea care a avut grija de vestimentatia mea, ea obisnuia sa faca totul manual. Avea si inca are un gust profund pentru eleganta si lux, iar luxul provenea din arta manuala, din broderiile manuale,  toate de o calitate perfecta.  Numai perfectiunea artei manuale poate fi definita lux. 

Da, iubesc luxul, pentru simplu fapt ca e o parte din mine 


18 responses to “the heritage of luxury and fine arts in my family

  1. Thats a beautiful way to define luxury. I live in Spain, which is the land where Zara is from (and all their other brands) so if you buy and where something from a shop like this, you’re sure to bump into someone else in the street with the same thing. It really is not a luxurious situation. My mum used to hand make clothes for me when I was small too. I made a scarf recently and want to make more of my own things because also the thought that your own craftsmanship went into such a piece is also an element of luxury.


    • Thank you Sofia, this is a realy beautiful comment from you. I love traditional spanish scarfs, big roses and strong colours. Yes enjoy of the luxury of things made by you, they define your personality, your behaviour, I realy like and love to see people doing things like this and like you, … and I love their free sensation of wearing it like no other. 🙂


  2. I began making all of my clothes in the 7th. grade. I was taught to sew when I was 12, to knit when I was 7, and learned crochet as a teen. When my daughters were little, I made all of their clothes. I still love making things by hand. When you make something with your hands, you put a part of yourself into that item…You have taken time out of your life to create something…when I am using my hands to make something for someone…it is as if I am praying for that person…their prosperity…their health…long life…a happy life. I am also adding my love for that person through what my hands are making.
    Ana, at Entertainment Consultants


    • Thank you, Ana. Glad to hear something like this. Yes, we can empower the things we made with positive energy and yes indeed we put a part of our soul into that and yes for this matter that thing become luxury. It is much more than a thing made by hand. It is the same in music, in paiting, in evrything we do 🙂


  3. Hi Adeline,
    Very well said. When I was 18 I was so passionate about sewing that I went to a sewing school and learned the nitty gritties. Then I would stay up nights finishing tops and dresses like a maniac, for myself and my friends . When people admired those there was a strange satisfaction in it. Now in my late 30s I sometimes feel sad that I do not stitch anymore, or get the time to do so and my son has never worn anything made by me. I hope I can go back to my sewing days some day 🙂


    • Hi Amrita, nice to meet you here :). I enjoy reading your comment. My mom was the same, stay late in the nights to finish dresses, blouses and skirts. In the communist time here in Romania was a fashion to have clothes made by a tailor but in this days everything is changed. In hight fashion everything is made by hand. And it is a saying “find a good tailor and don`t give him/his adress to anyone” You can come back to your hobby anytime, when you feel yourself motivated. I am waiting for good news from you about this


    • Sara, thank you for your great wishes, my mom also say thank you to you. And yes, I am not a designer even here are original creations, I love to follow the material not to work against it


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