The story of a luxury bracelet – Povestea unei bratari de lux

If you are asking yourself how are made bracelets and other jewelry from Chic and Classic here it might be an answer
First of all I see the material that I will work with it, I look at it and still watching it until I can hear it and still listen it until I can feel it. I feel the material, the colour and the shape. The colour is the most important thing, it is above the quality because low quality material if you know how to work with it can become high quality material, unfamilliar to you but so true in practice if you follow the physics laws.
Now, I start to work, thinking at everything and nothing that have absolutly no connections with jewelry. Just work and work, and cheching the quality of my work; if everything is fine and in shape. I work slowly becouse high class quality things are made slowly and with a lot of patience.
I never work against the material, against the shape and the colour, I don`t need to experiment it`s not neccesary at all if you can feel what are you doing. This is the reason that I never try to design something because it is never neccesary to do this.
This is my secret why what I made become luxury in my hands and is recognized all over the world


Povestea unei bratari de lux

Daca te-ai intrebat vreodata cum sunt facute bratarile si alte bijuterii de pe acest blog “”Sic si Clasic” in cele ce urmeaza s-ar putea sa gasesti raspunsul

In primul rand vad materialul cu care urmeaza sa lucrez, ma uit la el si continui sa-l privesc pana ce reusesc sa-l  aud si continui sa-l ascult pana ce reusesc sa-l simt. Simt materialul, culoarea si forma. Culoarea este cel mai important element, mai importanta deccat calitatea materialului pentru ca si cel mai slab calitativ material poate deveni un material de inalta calitate daca stii cum sa lucrezi cu el urmand legile fizicii. 

Acum incep lucrul gandindu-ma la nimic si la orice altceva ce nu are nici o legatura cu bijuteriile sau ce ceea ce fac. Continui sa lucrez si sa lucrez verificand din cand in cand calitatea executiei si daca totul e la locul lui asa cum trebuie sa fie. Lucrez incet si cu rabdare pentru ca lucrurile de calitate asa se fac.

Niciodata nu lucrez impotriva materialului, impotriva formei sau a culorii. Nu am nevoie sa experimentez pentru ca nu e necesar absolut deloc daca reusesti sa simti ceea ce faci. Asta e si motivul pentru care niciodata nu fac design si nici nu e nevoie, totul vine in mod firesc de la sine.

Acesta este secretul de ce tot ceea ce fac devine lux in mainile mele si e recunoscut cu succes peste tot in lume

luxury jewelry luxury gemstones

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