jewelry design

From my own experience

A piece of jewelry is fun and brings joy. I’v noticed from my own experience, when an introvert person wear jewelry that person become much more approachable by other people. So, she didn’t need to make a lot of effort to be in the middle of attention.

It`s amazing  what can do a jewelry 🙂 Makes you look much more friendly and easy to talk to.


detaliu colier Adelina Mariescolier bust


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4 replies on “From my own experience”

Frumoasele busturi vii, cu care ne îmbii,
Mă fac adesea, să mă-ntreb
Din ce lumi măiestre…oare, vii.
Şi dacă nu cumva, tot Universul fermecat
Este cumva iluminat,
Cu Adeline “Chic şi Clasic”…. meteoric încrustat 🙂


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