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Turquoise jewelry – silvery colors

Turquoise jewelry bracelet

A beautiful piece of art, turquoise jewelry made out of cabochons in my atelier. This bracelet is made using silvery seed beads of 1,5 mm, crystals and pearls. Requires a lot of patience and hard work from begging to the end but in the end you have a unique piece of art.

The art of hand craft is unique in it own style. One piece of a kind, timeless beauty. Wow such a pleasure to own it, and wear it. The feeling is just amazing when to receive a lots of compliments.

How I have made it? First I made the cabochons and this work took me two days to get a complete, finished, ready to use product using plaster porcelain. Painted, decorated and glazed with a lot of enthusiasm. Yes, I love to paint and sketch also. Soon on this blog I will post some piece of my fine arts, oil and acrylic paintings. You saw in my previous post some figurative fashion sketches.

The second part of the jewelry fabrication process is the embroidery part. This require a lot of work and patience due to the small glass seed beads. I mount bead by bead and take in consideration that they are 1,5 mm beads. In one bracelet are 2000-3000 of beads. When you put together the embroidery pieces also must be very careful at the details. Nobody want to have a broken jewelry.

So this is how I made all my glass sees beads fashion jewelry. They are unique because they are designed by me.

Fell free to take a look on my blog, you will see a lot of jewelry made out of plaster porcelain. Like pendants, brooches, necklaces or bracelets. Also Romanian Chic is a beautiful collection line where you can see lapel jewelry brooches. They can be worn by men on the jacket lapel.

This bracelet is a part of Chic and Classic collection. If you spell it with Romanian letters it looks like this “Şic şi Clasic”.

Enjoy the pictures!

turquoise jewelry bratara culoare gri argint ieftine bijuterii ieftine culoare gri argint bratara

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5 replies on “Turquoise jewelry – silvery colors”

I am so impressed Adelina! You outdid yourself, this is a whole new level of artistry. I feel elevated just looking at it, feeling that talent that went into this. I hope you’re enjoying the spring so far. Take good care of yourself and can’t wait for your next masterpiece.


Oh, you make me smile. I just have much more patience to write a little bit longer text, that I never did on this blog. But anyway in this case I will increase the price :)). Your compliment will be the added value of the price 🙂


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