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Luxury and fine art by Adelina Mărieş

To define luxury and fine art together is a simple fact. Booth separately have their own connotation  but when you combine them you got the feeling of culture, education, superlative of high class.

Art by itself is a luxury. Why? Because each piece is unique and have personality. This is the most great thing in art, in any art not only in fine arts.

When you posses a beautiful piece of art you feel yourself special, some people feel themselves important and other got into an aristocrat mood. That why people like to buy and own it.

The price. Does the price make a painting looks to be much more valuable? YES, the price…  Price can mean many things. Like the hours spending to got inspiration, the hours spending to paint all the details that give personality, the eye that must see and the imagination that must to create. The work is valuable not the material. If the work does not get their revenue than why a painter create a master piece?

Yes, the honor to own a beautiful painting … what a pleasure!!!

I show you some of mine … because you are on a blog of luxury and fine arts…

luxury and fine art adelina maries

tablou Adelina Maries

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