Necklace design for casual outfit

Necklace design for casual outfit. A very chic idea.

Necklace design suitable for daily outfit, very simple and casual.  Beautiful thread embroidery, dynamic colors, long tassel.

Thank you in advance for all appreciations.

necklace design
modern jewelry

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4 replies on “Necklace design for casual outfit”

Very beautiful necklace design. I love the colors and the embroidery is amazing. Your textile art is incredible. It is for sale?


the geometric pattern is a folk one, embroidered on Romanian blouses only with with red and black thread. But if this pattern is disposed in a different way mixed with other colors can look similar to others cultures. I know that for the same pattern different cultures use different colors and disposal but it`s far away from Tibetan or Navajo jewelry style 🙂


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