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Interior design by Adelina Maries

Interior design philosophy article written by Adelina Maries

Interior design … should make your life easier, comfortable and unique in a beautiful

Interior design  A  story of  creating art for homes  … the beauty of your home

In  this world are so many people that would like  to live inside a museum. Why? Because they  like  and love to  be surrounded  by unique piece of art. Art create a lot of value for the owner. Gives the feeling and prove that you are somebody in the society. You exceeded a social level and now you are into elite class. Elite class doesn’t means only money, means also knowledge and respect for life, people, art, culture and so on. In this case doesn’t mean that you must be a billionaire or a multimillionaire, you must be a person that know how to appreciate value and how to consume value. Actually you become a type of client or customer that buy value, exclusive value. Are premium brands included in this exclusive  market ? No! Are in this market luxury brands? Not anymore!… because luxury is a word used for commercial things by amateurs so we must to invent a new word for that things that are timeless, speech-less and unique. Art is everything or  can be everything from: art of reading a book or eating great to the collectible fine arts.

So are may cheap interiors that are patterned out  after fashion luxury aesthetic. Doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are if you have culture you don’t buy copies after “out of fashion” things even they were called luxury at their time. That were great at their time and were consumed by others, you are an elitist and you want original things with great aesthetic design, shape and colors. Don’t buy plastic, plastic is not luxury and will never be in this formula.

Why plastic is not  luxury?… look at a plastic clothes, a plastic towel or any  plastic object and you  will get it very easy.

Redecorating can be a challenge?? Use art painting, sketches and drawings made by  an elegant artist or by you if you prefer in this way 🙂

If you need help to design an entirely room, then also use art made by artists. I know that many interior design companies like to offer decorative art, some paint spread on canvas, but you can find valuable art is you are  digging a little bit more. Do it and you will see the difference between art and mass produced machine cheap poster print.  Many local artist will feel honorable to sell you a sketch or a drawing for an affordable price. Artist love to sell to people who seem to enjoy of art, so negotiations will be easy.  Not all of artist are negative or frustrated. Are lot of optimistic and warm souls that have a good optimistic feeling for good colors that can increase your live positive mood.

Don’t follow the trends follow the good quality of art for living interiors. If you are a collector, yes there are also may museum value paintings and other art objects.

All this pieces of art can be integrated in a interior design project. All interior designers accept this, because at least is your home, your comfortable living space.

Interior design service should be much more art than mimetic coping ideas or at least should offer a practice and comfortable space with ergonomic ideas and furniture.

Interior  designers – people with great combination ideas!

Is minimalist interior design a piece of valuable art?

interior design
interior design imagine by Adelina Maries

Depend! If there is something intelligent, warn, human living comfortable, it can be but somebody must create a color game that impress. Impression is everything, impression is the key in this art. Create  something that can impress others and make them say WaW but also don’t forget it must be warm and comfortable because is a living space for  people not a picture with an idea for a interior design magazine.

The  advantage of classical interior design

classical interior design pattern
design pattern by Adelina Maries

It have the advantage that can integrate any piece of art or other currents of art like contemporary, art deco, art nouveau or anything you like and prefer. It is acceptable for any type of personality. Classical is something that have a proved value due to the history. Easy acceptable for human psychic.

Luxurious interior design

Luxurious interior design
luxury by Adelina Maries

Must have value, must be made out of the  most quality materials, rare and natural one, fabricated with an artistic design. The home must be a piece of art by itself from architecture to the rug of entrance. All touched with a nice elegant aesthetic tone of colors, line and motifs. Luxury doesn’t follow the mass productions trend, they are using only a few aesthetic principles of it’s time, history time, period.

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Thank you in advance for all your appreciations and good feelings.

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5 replies on “Interior design by Adelina Maries”

very nice point of view for interior design. I must to admit that i love luxury interior design. It looks very elegant and stylish. Not so hard to obtain if you have patience enough to search and save some money. Great article Adelina.


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