art art philosophy

What is art

art in fashion

… we see art in design, in color mixing, in shapes and volume, in ornaments, accessories. So is everywhere you look, not only in nature.

Our options reflect the personal style. You have an original one or you are following the crowd.

The art of choosing

Is not so hard to choose when you make your choice with your soul. *always do it in this way* It is better to regret this kind of action. Actually I never regretted.

What is art and what is not art?

I would like to explain, but it can only be showed. For sure you already figured out the differences.

The transformation role of the artistic expression

My thinking, my experience, my ideas… this is the Artist way of think.

In the creation moment the artist is connected to one of this kind of condition. All his emotions can be interconnected with God, people world or the heavy energy. If they are connected with God, angels the artistic energy will transfigured you into other world. If the artist is connected with people, the artwork it will be made with mind, and it will be much more technique one and the last option heavy energy connection. It is very simple to recognize, when you will see or get in touch with it you will feel the heaviness.

The pleasure for art, is so high when it can impress your eyes, charm your thinking and seduce your soul. “I love what I see” this is so particular and have nothing to do with art, is just the soul rediscover. True ART have it’s particular statement, have the power to trasnport you into another world, other coordinates. This is the true power of art.

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