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Fashion style

Fashion style in your life is or is not the same with personal style?

It is exactly like in art. You can be unique and we say about you that you have a personal style or it can follow the fashion trends and we call it as is named.

Actually are so many and diverse areas in our life where we can show our personal style, not only in fashion or in art. The management, commercial, productivity, manufacturing, math or medicine are other places where a personal or vocational style can be present. You can do your job in your way or you just do it like others do.

Generations and their uniqueness

Fashion is something that is made to be changed with time because this is the reason WHY we call it FASHION.

Each generation must have a unique thing that is specific only to it. Sometimes it is singular. This is how the word is made and it is amazing to see the differences between people and behaviors.

We always like what is new!

What do you prefer? Personal style, classy style or fashion trends?

Being honest, I think none of the variants is a choice, it is a given. What does it matter is the warmth of the soul, personal energy that marks everything we do.

How to find your style?

Accept who you are with joy and your unicity will naturally show up in a surprising manner.

What it means to have style? I posted an article a few years ago in the Romanian language. It can be read here.

Let your soul guide you for the pleasure to discover interesting facts about your personality.

Do not stress about nothing, it is not necessary to do it. Accept only what your soul desire and trust it. This is how you will find the right way. Nothing complicated, only human mind can complicate things.

Do not lose your self in this life journey, be true to yourself, respect your desire because these are the things that are defining you. It is not a statement, just a true reality and what cam be truer than reality? Only the right knowledge can answer this question.

Probably for some of you will sound a little bit immature (depend on your life experience) but life is so simple, so easy, only material things are heavy. Heavy things are connected you to the core of the earth, and earth is so heavy. This heaviness is called “dark forces”. You can see its presence in many artworks as you can feel transmuted in a truly luxurious world of abundance. We call it ALCHEMY.


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