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shell necklace design

A classic shell necklace design. Extremely interesting in a daily routine and very captivant at any event that this necklace shows up. See, thats why I find the creative process very provocative and mind catching.

The combinations between copper seed beads that embed the shells and combinations with pearls and crystals, all that metallic shades and reflections are just hugging you. Just a true technical description from an artistic point of view.

To create or to design something can be the same or can be diffrent things. A designer can be a creator and a creator can be a designer. Where the designer work stopped and the creator work beginning? An intrigue question when this two are braided together.

An elegant personality will create elegant things, a classy or conservative one will do as they behave and on intrigue will be always an intrigue person. All we observed that in art we reflect ourselvs. So if you want to discover your personal style do an creative artwork. You will see yourself very clear into that piece of work. You will feel your energy into it, if it is strong, warm, powerfull… you will see.

Just from a few piece of shells mixed with some glass pearls and crystals you can create a good design. So, to create a design bring us to the question above. “Where the designer work stopped and the creator work beginning?”

Shells, pearls and crystals into a necklace


Can you image that simple things can be so friendly sometimes. Because this is the artist job, to create, to invent, to make things possible, especially the last one.

The difference between art and perfection. I noticed that imperfection sometimes catch the the mind of the beholder because it let some space for imagination in spite of perfect ones that are perfect and all they require is respect. Sometimes we love to get warm friendshiop with some kind of mind admiration for imperfection, it is a seductive process in art. Probably because we are afraid of cold perfection. The imperfections in art show the reality of life, this must be the reason that in art imperfections are more than acceptable in presenting this life atributes of hazard. People love to be surprising with new things, so we love hazard also.

Just two more variants of shell necklaces in other color theme.

Brown shell necklace


Purple shell necklace design


All this necklaces were made by me, six years ago in 2014. Actualy it was a reinterpretation of a 2013 design that I post below. It was a real pleasure to design, create and put all together. This years pass so fast, extremly fast.

Opera necklace a 2013 creation


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