fashion sketches

fashion design casual sketch

sketching casual fashion design, ideas, new simple but sophisticated casual. Simple sketches!

Casual sometimes means simple, working elegance, but other times it can be confortable outlook with an luxury touch. Depend on enviroment and the person who is wearing it. For sure casual is not a high class salon dress but if are using high quality materials, clotes can became casual for rich and for any person who want to feel confortable but still well put togheter. If you know from where to buy and what to buy you can dress like rich!

I want to introce you some casual fashion design sketches, made by me during time. Well is a very chic casual, sometimes sophisticated not simple, but this is personal stlyle. So it will be casual personal fashion style. Some can be suit with some of jewelry creations presented on my blog on previous years like simple feather necklace design or with a shell necklace.

Sketching represent only the ideas not the final design or fashion art work. In sketching are general lines that conturing the idea.

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