I am  a fashion artisan and designer. I like to consider myself much more closer to  haute couture and bijoux couture jewelry. I was addicted all my life to elegance and fine arts. Now I am really free to express myself. No borders, no restrictions. All I do is handmade work, handmade embroidery and handmade clothes, handmade jewelry.
From time to time I post some of my creations here, on my blog. Feel free to enjoy of it https://sicsiclasic.wordpress.com and this humble blog brings me unexpected traffic better than a pesonal or registered domain just because the best products don’t need marketing

Why  the title of this blog is in Romanian language “Şic şi Clasic”? “Şic şi clasic” means Chic and Classic. I used Romanian spelling for it because Romanian chic is quite different from French chic.  Here in Romania, we love shades of colors and things that impress the eye and the mind. And also because this is my style of design. Straight and curve lines are classic you meet it everywhere from antique classicism to avant-garde.

From Transylvania with love! (north part of Romania)


Sunt artizan şi designer de modă. Activez în domeniul mondei de inaltă clasă şi a bijuteriilor fanteziste  dar elegante. Toata viaţa am fost atrasă de eleganţă şi arta fină. În acest moment mă simt cu adevărat liberă să mă exprim, fără restricţii şi fără bariere. Tot ceea ce fac este artă manuală, broderie manuală, haine si bijuterii complet executate manual.

Din când in când postez aici pe blog unele dintre creaţii astfel simţiţi-vă liberi să vă bucuraţi de ceea ce vedeţi pe acest blog https://sicsiclasic.wordpress.com . Surprinzător dar acest simplu blog are un trafic neaşteptat de mare chiar dacă nu este un domeniu rezervat. Tot timpul am considerat că cele mai bune produse nu au nevoie de marketing de aceea singura tehnică de marketing pe care o utilizez este “incântarea privirii”.

Titlul acestui blog este “Şic şi Clasic” ceea ce exprimă foarte bine stilul de design pe care il practic. Artiştii au o vorbă:   “fiecare artist se uită în sufletul lui şi scoate de acolo ce găseşte”.

Aş spune aşa – în drumul tău către perfecţiune nu uita să iubeşti, căci iubirea te va duce la destinaţie mai repede decât ai visat. Fâră să iubeşti ceea ce faci şi fără să iubeşti oamenii nu poţi ajunge un om de succes şi nici nu poţi atinge perfecţiunea… ştii arta adevărată şi de valoare nu e niciodată perfectă dar devine perfectă prin ea insăşi.

Din Transilvania cu dragoste!


Multumesc pentru vizita!

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      • Dear Adeline, Thank You once again.It is an honor to know you-great talented and charming personality-I love the people and the country Romania.It has always fascinated me and my son.We keep planning to visit somehow.My son is in DK and perhaps Allah will make it possible for him. I am very happy to know a friend from Romania. Best regards anjum

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Adeline! I have enjoyed reading yours. Your creativity is very refreshing and your jewelery is beautiful! Keep up the good work! Cherie’

  2. Lovely site, Adeline! Your work is stunning. Also, I was dorkily excited to see that you’re from Romania, especially since I saw this around Christmas. I’ve traveled a bit in Romania (my Romanian was passable, for a while!), and stayed with my best friend in her hometown (Focşani) for a couple of months which included one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work, and for jogging some pleasant memories🙂

      • Yes, indeed! I really like to sing (though I would say amazing would be way to big of an adjective to describe my skill) and I really love to make things with my hands (like art and photography). I also am very good with animals, we will see how God uses that! Thanks for asking! God grows our skills too, so we’ll see which ones I grow in more. What do you want to grow in?

  3. Such intricate, whimsical, yet elegant and original works. I especially love the things you are doing with pearls. Thank you for liking my site and for bringing my attention to your the Beauty you are creating!

  4. Wonderful designs!!! You are very creative, nice! I`m glad some words are like Italian and Spanish so I could understand most of what you wrote.🙂 Thanks for sharing and also thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. There are so many beautiifull comments from you all. You make my day so many times. I received as much love as I put in my jewelry work. Thank you🙂

  6. Hai Adeline… thanks for the visit and you sure do have a lovely blog here.. all the designs are just beautiful and unique… I realy loved it and I love this craft… shall take tips from you..:)

  7. Hi Adeline,
    You create with your hands and I create with my words…both of us from a combination of hard work and inspiration. There are lots of people who are into beading these days but few can do it well. Yours in exquisite. I’ll pass the link onto my two grown daughters. They’ll love it too. And thankyou for stopping by my blog too. Greetings from Oz.

    • Waw, you left here such a nice comment. Well I am very rigorous when is about quality of execution. Yes, the act of creating is such sublime. No words can describe it. I wish you only wonderful moments

    • Multumesc, multumesc D. Ichim. Stii ce spun copii cand sunt mici? Seaman cu cine ma lauda. Congrats for your nice blog. It`s worth to read it

  8. I see it’s been said many times (see above!), but your work is beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. You are a talented lady. Many thanks for stopping by foodforfun’s muffin with friends. Appreciate your visit:-)

  9. Hi Adeline!
    I like your blog.
    I can say I am much like you in loving life.
    By reading your post and looking at your beautiful creation.
    I can say you enjoy it very much.
    Keep up doing your passion and live this beautiful life to the fullest.
    Take care

  10. Hi Adeline from sunny Canada!!

    I love your designs and would like to sell them to fashion stores and take you to the swaroski hotel here in Canada. When can you come visit? I can send u a plane ticket if you would like to come and setup dealers to buy your designs. Let me know

    All the best Bella!!


  11. Greetings from Australia Adeline,
    I love the elegance and simplistic beauty of your craftsmanship. Romania is a beautiful country that I’d love to visit one day.
    Blessings to you and Romania.

  12. Some really beautiful designs here! Thank you for the like, Adeline, we’ll be keeping an eye on your posts in the future! Hope you enjoyed our blog! Best wishes,

    Natural Mystic

  13. Buna Serra Adeline, ce face? (not sure I have spelt it right!) I spent many months in Romania in 1992-4 in Iasi. Love your country. Did a bit of travelling there too. Thanks for liking my blog! Blessings!

    • Salut Katen. Imi pare bine sa te cunosc. Nice to meet you here Karen. You surprise me. You spent a lot of time here. Have you been here with a project or like a tourist?

  14. Hi Adeline, thanks a lot for visiting Peaceimist.com and liking my post on change! I am so impressed by your talent and your creations! I could never make what you do, keep up the great work!

    • I never think I can do it until I started exactly one year ago. Everything come fine from the first time🙂. I like the subject about change on your blog . I am addicted to this, otherwise I get bored

  15. How wonderful – I just thought of making my own necklaces and bracelets and there you are! Maybe I could ask you for some tips if I run into any difficulties. You have lovely creations!

    • Making your own necklaces … wonderful. I wish to weare it with all enthusiasm. They are unique. Yes you can ask. Use the private contact e-mail for this🙂

  16. Having visited Romania many times, and having a Romanian wife, I know all about the wonderful creativity of the people there. Great blog and thanks for your visit to mine. Keep up the good work.
    Best Regards,

      • Dear Adelin , such a kind lady you are , your compliments heated my heart . Your last comment about my taste in fashion is a great honor for me . You also have a wonderful refined taste, please give your ideas and opinions about anything inspiring that you want me to publish on the blog .
        Molto grazie


  17. @Yasin. Be sure that I will be here for such a great subject, anytime. I love haute couture and yes elegant and stylish minded “dandy” like you cannot passed unobserved😉

  18. Absolute stunning work. Beautiful and the pieces speak volumes. Although I’ve never been to Romania, I hope to one day visit with my husband. Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for introducing me to yours!

  19. Unique blogs and works, interesting, very impressive …..
    ‘ve tried traditional design from Indonesia? a variety of motives, various shades of color, very natural and distinctive …..
    someday, I hope I can visit to romania

    Salam Kenal dari Indonesia

  20. Thank you for stopping by my site. My wife also makes jewelry so I’ve definitely built an appreciation for the work that goes into it and the beauty and unique designs that can be created. Keep up the good work.

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  22. I am now happy to know about you. Your creations are beautiful. Best wishes for your success.

    From Brooklyn with Love,
    EmilyAnn Frances May

  23. Salutări, Adeline. (I’m such a dork. I went and looked that up.)🙂 Your work is really beautiful. Thanks for doing this blog. Hope you’re well.

  24. Adeline. Greetings from Mexico City. Thank you so much for liking so many of my posts. I want to say that I am biased towards artists which include jewelry creators like you. Somehow, every piece of jewelry that you design and create is a part of you, perhaps your imagination, your hard work, your mind, your creativity, your culture, your environment. All these factors amalgamate in some magical fashion to result in the lovely pieces of wearable art work on your pages. Keep it going, Adeline. The world is a prettier place because of you.

  25. You live in a beautiful country with beautiful people. And what beautiful jewelry! I hope to visit someday. I agree with josetravels: The world is a prettier place because of you!

  26. Beautiful pieces of jewelry. Best wishes to you in your art design and marketing products. Thank you for recently visiting and liking my blog.

  27. I can’t remember if I’ve asked you this question before, but do you sell your jewelry on Ebay or any other site? If you don’t, you should definitely start doing that🙂

  28. Beautiful pieces of jewelry and I enjoyed them even more knowing that are coming from my home-country. Salutari din Brazilia (the country of the gemstones)!
    Multumesc pt Like😉 si mult succes!

  29. Hi Adeline…what beautiful work you do! I’ve been coordinating with women’s self-help groups here in India for our shop and they are working with crocheted silk, making lovely items one of which reminds me of the beaded rose you do. (crocheted jewelry is a perfect cottage industry for them, as there is no machinery required.) some of the women who do this used to support themselves with road construction and other heavy labor. I’m glad you liked the Ansel Adams post. If you’re a facebook user take a look at our page (I hope you like it). You’ll find a picture of him–what a handsome man! See you there! Cheers.

  30. These things are beauitful. My sister makes hadnmade jewellery, but hasn’t sold anything yet. Do you sell yours and if yes – can you give me some practical advice for starting such a small business?

  31. Adeline, thanks for having patronised my dream blog…. More than that, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say thanks so much for forging your creative genius from the dream realms and beyond. Your works are truly inspiring, magical and über-soignée. As ever, the best to you!

  32. A very impressive body of work: huge variety and exquisite artistry. I hope you are getting the commissions and sales that you deserve. Looking forward to browsing some more in the future!

  33. Hello sister and greetings from the state of Illinois in the USA! You sure make lovely things! Very pretty and feminine…delicate and detailed…so my style too! I do have to find the time to read all about your pretty things…all the best, hugs, Candy

  34. Have to agree with all the comments, beautiful work. And it is authentic, no machine making 1,000 looking all the same. Truly are pieces of art.

  35. Hi,Adeline!
    I’m from Romania too and I’m glad that I discovered your lovely blog! I like to make jewelries too and my first hobby and my profession is to make clothing.
    Have a beautiful day!

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  37. Thanks for visiting my blog–it allowed me to find yours! You do beautiful work…I am quite amazed! I visited your country in 1996 and would love to return some day!

  38. Hey there Adeline,
    You’ve got talent indeed. I have also tried making bracelets but it was just out of elastic rubber threads (I have no idea what to call them, but they look like fat threads) Haha. It’s nowhere compared to yours though.😀

    Keep it up & thanks again! Hope you could visit my phlogs again🙂
    Have a nice day!
    – Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)

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  40. Very good work. You are very talented. I love your work. You have your own style in beading work. You are very original. Yes you are a designer.
    God bless you

  41. Adelina esti foarte talentata si ai niste creatii de vis. Am cumparat un colier creat de tine si nu-ti mai spun, am o gramada de admiratori si admiratoare cand il port.🙂

  42. Foarte frumos blog. Creatiile sunt senzationale. Impresionant de frumos lucrate. Foarte mare atentie si finete la detalii apreciez si doresc sa achizitionez in curand unul dintre modele

  43. Hi, Adelina
    I find your blog very chic and classy. I am very happy to meet you through your creations. By the way, I was in Romania, in Bucharest 8 years ago. I was with my job mates. Very beautiful city, I hope I will return in one day to visit more.
    Many greetings from Latvia

  44. Adelina, ti-am admirat blogul si creatiile impreuna cu cumnata mea. Vrem sa te felicitam si sa te intrebam cum lucrezi aceste margele pentru ca nu am mai vazut sa stie cineva sa lucreze asa cum stii tu. Ai o tehnica foarte originala si oricat am incercat sa ne dam seama cum sunt lucrate nu am reusit

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