Jewelry art collectors

Luxury fine art, jewelry design, great beads and gemstones embroidery

Cuff bracelets, gemstones embroidery

Artistic couturier label

Gemstone and seed beads necklaces

elegant colors combinations

classic jewelry

Artistic jewelry

Chic and classic jewelry design

Made to impress, eye catching. Extrem chic elegance, beautiful beads, brilliant colors, original necklace design. Friendly opulence. Great beading artwork. One of a kind piece for perfect event. This is the reason why some woman become so active and passionate art jewelry collectors. It is a hobby like others.

Huge necklaces

Fashion extravagance

”Artistic jewelry design for art colectors”

Creating jewelry is as provocative as other creativity work or design. Everything must be matching perfectly until the end. Sometimes is so hard to decide from two close tone colors. Some of you will smile, but so it is.

Fashion jewelry design in a chic and classic way is like a game, of mix and match materials until you gain elegance. Original elegance sparkle with an usual tone color gets that kind of “come with me” feeling.


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Chic and classic design.