My philosophy

My philosophy of art and life
Don`t think, just follow your instinct, and much more listen the materials with you are working. Each colour asking for a colour, wich shape is asking for a kind of material and also for a kind of colour. If you change the colour everything is changing.
This I`v descovered working and making the things that you can see here
Working, I`v descovered that an artist when he is creating is much more closer to the God than a priest in the church, and this kind of artist can stay at the same “table” with God.
Art show me things about life as much as physics laws do to engineers, becouse also I must use physics laws into my work
Creating I`v descovered that when you have faith the courage comes itself. In art like in anything else that is unknown sometimes it takes courage to try.
I love harmony and echilibrum becouse it doesn`t exist fine arts without harmony between colour, material and shape.


Nothing that is write above cannot be copied without the prior consent and quotation the source


Filozofia mea despre arta si viata

Nu gandi, judeca si analiza prea mult, urmeaza-ti doar instinctul si cu atat mai mult asculta materialele cu care lucrezi. Fiecare culoare, cere o anumita  culoare fiecare forma cere un anumit tip de material si chiar mai mult o culoare specifica. Daca schimbi culoarea totul se schimba.

Acestea si chiar mai multe le-am descoperit creeand ceea ce vedeti aici.

Lucrand am descoperit ca un artist atunci cand creeaza este mai aproape de Dumnezeu decat popa in biserica, si acest artist poate sta la aceeasi “masa” cu Dumnezeu.

Arta mi-a descoperit lucruri despre viata atat de mult cat legile fizicii o fac pentru ingineri. In toate creatile care le vedeti aici pe blog sunt nevoita sa tin seama de aceste legi ale fizicii pentru echilibru, armonie si calitate.

Tot creend am descoperit ca atunci cand ai credinta curajul vine de la sine. In arta, ca si in orice altceva necunoscut uneori necesita curaj pentru a incerca,… noi idei, noi modele, noi concepte.

Iubesc armonia si echilibrul, pentru ca fara armonie si echilibru nu exista arta fina. Arta fina poate exista numai cu armonie intre forma, material si culoare.

©Adelina Maries


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Thank you for your comment and welcome here 🙂 Is true sometimes, but only psychologist think like this. All people can create if they are follow their instinct. But people with tragedy put much more passion and contrast in their creations, people with no tragedy put harmony and echilibrum. This is the difference. And also a difference between arts and fiine arts, and arts that can make you find yourself emotions or life experience into it

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I like your reply. That’s a very interesting observation. I think a person who has also healed from a tragedy will also create something of harmony and equilibrium. It is only a person who still carries the pain and has not healed who will work in passionate contrasts.


Very brave of you to put these thoughts out there. They are true.
I shyed away from this. There is a dimensional quality to creativity that is hard to sum up in words. You have to commit, you have to own what you do and ride out with it. Thereafter, the honesty pays you back.


Very true. Art school was one of the biggest damages to my artistic endeavors because it sucked the creativity from it. Conformed me to be like all the other artists and it took me a long time to get myself back.
Love looking at your creations. You’ve a great gift


Adeline! Your work is beautiful! Amazing! I’ve long loved gorgeous jewelry – and I’ve always appreciated the genius of others. I have thoroughly enjoyed coming here and seeing your intriguing wearable art. You must be a lovely person – that shines out through your work. It is a treat to ‘meet’ another talented Romanian – one of my favorite friends, an amazing artist, was from Romania, but lives and paints in western Canada now. All the best wishes to you for great success in your unique art! Stunning! Delicious! Uplifting!
: ) Kerri


I think your philosophy, although driving you forward now, might change with time. Thats not a bad thing it’s a creative thing. I look forward to reading and seeing your growth. What you have presented so far is worth viewing.


I’ve been working creatively for most of my life, and I know from experience the deep truths you speak of here. The process is truly life shaping. Well spoken. I thank you.


I’ve lived both the don’t think first and the think before you act and both will give you a rewarding life. It’s only been the past 4 years out of my life that I’ve followed the instincts advise and the rewards are very different. Changing actually changed everything. My friends, my work everything. Kind of an eye opener.


I know what you mean when you say creating brings you closer to God – my own view is very similar. Thank you for ‘liking’ my own blog too – very encouraging. Perhaps one day, I’ll get you to make me some jewelry I can wear on stage – that would be lovely!


I wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy, especially the part about courage being needed as an artist to even attempt a work – Bravo! Keep up the courage and good work!


You are right. Art and creativity seem to just be there, from within us, as part of our nature. I don’t think we control it, it is more channelled. But recognising that, in it’s form, allowing it to happen. I think the artists’ work really is just the controlling of the flow of creativity, not the thing itself. I am not big on ‘faith’, but I suppose it is more like just a knowing of what the source is.


Your ideas synchronize with mine … how strange

I found comments on my blogs the best way to widen knowledge base and avoid pitfalls. These comments made me write the manuscript of 500 pages, 5th generation, about how the life would be by the year 2047.

I am hungry for criticism, and you can oblige me by commenting on my posts here
and your comments there would be the best way to widen the horizon of my thinking


“an artist when he is creating is much more closer to the God than a priest in the church”—yes, that has been my experience, too. It is an awesome and holy privilege to be able to make art. Thanks for coming and looking at my page and liking my Carrot Slice painting. Your work is exquisite.


This is a beautiful philosophy and your creations are unique! Hopefully I will get equally unique results by applying this same philosophy to the art in my life. Thank you!


“Working, I`v descovered that an artist when he is creating is much more closer to the God than a priest in the church, and this kind of artist can stay at the same “table” with God.” My sentiments exactly Adelina! Your creations are very beautiful 🙂


You are a talented artist, Adeline. You create wonderful designs with a refine taste from a combination of beautiful inspiration and hard work. I like your philosophy to believe in yourself and also I like your unique creation. Keep up your excellent work and especially your courage. All the best Adrian B.

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Dear Adelina,
I like how you describe the process of producing art as a kind of prayer. My experience is quite similar to that. Producing art, just like life itself, is creative expression – the Creator expressing him/herself through the artist.
Much love from North Germany to Transylvania,


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